• Do you have a domain?
  • Is it park with a registrar?
  • You are not allow create any website for the parked domain?

If you answer 'Yes' for all the questions, we might just have a solution for you.

For each domain transfer, we will automatically allocate 10MB Web Space and 10MB Bandwidth, whereby you will be able to use the free hosting features to house your domain website. 

How can I transfer my domain to you if it's less the 60 days-old

Some registrars require that you need to be with them for at least 60 days before you can transfer your domain name to some other companies. This is one of their ways of keeping customers with them even if the customer realised they have bought their name with the wrong guy. But at Matrix Hosting, you can still apply for transfer with us and what we will do is to start offering you our FREE Web hosting service while we will wait for the 60-day limit. Once your domain is 60-day old, we will help you transfer it over.

Maximum money saving guarantee

We understand how important it is for our customers to get the most out of their service providers. Therefore, Matrix Hosting guarantees that if you have prepaid services with another domain name registrar but wish to transfer your domain name over to us, we will extend our services to cover any unused period with your previous provider.

How does this work

For example, you have previously registered your domain name with another registrar and you realised that they don't offer Web hosting with the domain name but yet you still have 9 months to go. What you can do is to transfer your domain name to us, you pay us for extending the domain name for one more year and we will serve you with all our FREE service for 12 + 9 months, that's 21 months in total! So you can make the most out of us!

The price for transferring, including renewing and extending your domain name for 1 year and all the great free hosting features.

What happens when I submit a transfer

When you apply for registrar transfer for your domain name, we will initiate the transfer from our side immediately. You will then receive an email from us asking you to acknowledge the transfer officially. If your domain name is previously with either Network Solutions (Verisign) or or a few other registrars, you will also need to acknowledge to a second email confirming that you agree to the transfer. It will then take from some 7 to 10 working days for the transfer to be technically complete. Once your domain is transferred to us, you can start enjoying the services we provide.

Transfer your domain today!


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Matrix Hosting, established since 2000, provide exceptional value web hosting, domain registration, website design and programming services for small and medium size companies. 

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