Matrix Hosting: Free Web Hosting vs. Paid Web Hosting

In case you are evaluating free web hosting vs. a paid web hosting...we quote off Danny Sullivan, the most well known Search Engine guru on the Net, had to say about free hosts.

...get your own site, under your own domain, rather then doing it within or any place offering 'free' home pages.  Sites offering free home pages are often looked upon with suspicion by search engine, because search engine spammers also make use of them. It's like sharing a house with bad roommates. Move out, get your own house, and you'll probably do better with search engine.

Our simply answer is that there is no such truly free stuff and it probably will cost your reputation in the long run. We definitely would disassociate ourselves from such services to maintain a good reputation within the hosting community.  


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Matrix Hosting, established since 2000, provide exceptional value web hosting, domain registration, website design and programming services for small and medium size companies. 

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