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We have made it a point to highlight four most important features that you will need to consider when choosing a web hosting provider.  These definitions are helpful to know in order to make sense of what is offered by different hosting plans:

1000 Kilobytes (KB) =1 Megabyte (MB) and 1000 Megabytes (MB) =1 Gigabyte (GB)

Web Space (Hard Disc Space)

Disc space or file storage space refers to the amount of space given by a web hosting plan for your web site's pages, images, and any additional files. You must consider this when you determine the total number of files you will be using for your website and their sizes. A quick way to see how much storage space you'll need is to right click on the folder that has your files in it, then click on properties. It should tell you how much space the folder will take up. If you have audio and video files, they do take up a lot of space so make sure that your web host offers enough space to contain your files.

Bandwidth/Transfer per month

Bandwidth/Data Transfer is defined as the monthly outward-bound traffic from your web site, excluding e-mail, given by your particular web hosting plan. Every time one of your pages is viewed on the internet, all the files used to generate that page are calculated into your data transfer. For example, if someone views a page with 1 Megabyte of audio files, 2 Megabytes of video files, and 500 Kilobytes of images and text, then that adds up to 3.5 Megabytes out of your data transfer allowance given to you by your hosting plan. Most hosting plans offer between 30 and 60 GIGS of data transfer per month. Most page views won't take up anywhere close to 3.5 Megabytes, and the data transfer offered by most hosting plans is more than enough for most websites.


Cost is very important. You'll want to find a web hosting plan that is right for your budget without sacrificing your disk space and data transfer. Nearly all web hosting provider offer more than one plan, and all of the hosts we cover offer multiple plans. If your site grows and gets too big for your hosting plan, then you can easily upgrade to a plan that fits the needs of your larger website.

Customer Support

Customer support is very important. You will want to be sure that the company you choose can help you whenever you need help. Most companies offer 24/7 chat support.  The others provide forum, phone and online chatting as means of support.



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