Matrix Hosting: Starting Your Own Website?

There Are A Few Things That You Will Need To Get Started.

First, you will need to choose a domain name. If you already have your domain name chosen then an easy way to get started is to obtain your domain name along with web hosting. Most web hosting plans will provide you with a free domain name when you sign up. With BlueHost, you will get 1 free domain name and the option of using up to 5 more domains in the same account.

If your wondering why you would need a web host and what exactly is a web host, then let me briefly explain. A web host is a company/individual or anyone who is maintaining a server that stores the files for websites in order for those sites to be viewed on the worldwide web.

Unless you plan on purchasing your own server and learning about the technical side of running a server, then finding an affordable web host that fits your needs is what you will be doing in order to start your own site.

If you're considering a free web host, you may want to reconsider because it isn't really free. Free web hosts will place advertisements on your site that will annoy your visitors. With a free web host, you will most likely not be able to use your full domain name as well because you will have to use a sub-domain. For example, instead of, you will have to use

Our simply answer is that there is no such truly free stuff and it probably will cost your reputation in the long run. We definitely would disassociate ourselves from such services to maintain a good reputation within the hosting community.  Nevertheless, we

Second, you will need to choose a web host. We find that it's a little easier on the pocketbook if you purchase the domain name at the time that you purchase your web hosting plan. Most plans will give you your domain name at no charge when you sign up for web hosting.

If you already own a domain name, you can usually transfer your domain name at no charge when you sign up for a web hosting plan.

There are many different web hosts and web hosting plans, and we try to help you make a decision that is right for you. Unless your site is VERY big, then one of the starter web hosting plans will work just fine. It's hard to say exactly, but I have heard numerous times from numerous sources that over 95% of all websites use under 10 MB of storage and under 100 MB of bandwidth every month. This means that you will be just fine with one of the cheaper web hosting plans. If you ever need to upgrade your plan, then it is easy to do it.

Third, you will need to build your site or have it built by a professional web designer. Getting your site built by a professional web designer should not be a first option. Personal web designers charge way too much money, and you can get much more for your money elsewhere.

Purchasing a template or using a website builder are both very affordable options that can produce a nice, functional, professional website. Templates can be found all over the internet for very affordable prices ranging from a couple of dollars up to over $100 for some of the more sophisticated templates. Many template companies offer web hosting services as well, but they are usually very expensive. You get more value for you money if you find your template and web host separately.

The problem of building your site is becoming less and less of a problem for people with all of the new and easy to use templates and web building software available. Don't be intimidated by all the information. It's a lot easier than you might think to build your own web presence.

HAVE FUN! It's the beginning of the age of the internet, and you're here to witness it. Get started with your own website.


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