Matrix Hosting: What is Web Hosting?

In order for people to view your web pages, the files that comprise those web pages must be stored on a server. Without storing your files on a server, it would not be possible to place your website on the worldwide web.

A web hosting provider is the person or company that owns, runs, or manages the server and provides those who need it with web hosting.

If you desire and if you have the necessary knowledge, you can purchase your own server and host your own site, but this is not a good option because of the high costs and the large volumes of very necessary technical knowledge that you will need in order to run your site completely on your own.

This is where a web hosting provider comes in. A web hosting provider has the technical knowledge and the servers necessary to host your site. Professional and dependable web hosting is very affordable for anyone. For less than US$10/month and even as little as US$3/month, you can rent the space in a web server and get your site online with no hassles. Some web hosts will also provide you with a free domain name with your web hosting purchase depending on the hosting package you choose.


About Matrix Hosting 

Matrix Hosting, established since 2000, provide exceptional value web hosting, domain registration, website design and programming services for small and medium size companies. 

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